May 19, 2013 • Mello Center for the Performing Arts • Watsonville

As community leaders, the Watsonville Youth City Council has learned to ask: Why Not? – ¿Por qué no? They selected this as the theme for TEDxYouth@Watsonville. When contemplating issues that directly affect the quality of life for youth in the community, this theme elicits purposeful responses: – Why not change the world, even though you’re not an adult?

  • Why not say “no” when everyone is saying “yes”…or the other way around?
  • Why not be the first in your family to go to college?
  • Why not express yourself through your chosen art?
  • Why not ask Why Not?

TEDxYouth@Watsonville is not just looking for great “speakers” to share ideas at TEDxYouth. There are many ways to share ideas worth spreading. Check out the ideas so far:

  • One student envisions sharing her ideas through spoken word in order to encourage others with: Why Not speak out change your world?
  • The Santa Cruz Ballet Theater will perform a dance interpretation of the work of poet, Shel Silverstein to Bach Partita No. 3 in E Major, asking: Why not use 18th century music to interpret modern poetry though modern dance?
  • A victim of a gang attack, will ask: Why not report gang crime, even though there might be retaliation?
  • Why not go to college, even if you’re Latina…especially if you’re Latina? ​

The interpretations of the theme Why Not? are as vast as the creativity of our Santa Cruz County Youth.

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Speakers & Performers

All That I Am

Jackie Lopez

Baile Foklorico Dance

Pamela Velazquez

Ulises Cisneros


John Anthony Murillo

Nahara Villalobos

From the Streets to College: Why Not?

Martin Contreras

I am not contagious!

Jessica Fitz

Looking for Party Supplies?


Mother of Exiles: St. Francis High School

St. Francis High School

Off the Wall

Andrew Rosario

Peer to Peer, We Can Change the World

Austin Park


Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre

What do you expect from me?



Why Not Believe in Miracles?

Jiayao Huang

Why Not Choose Your Own Religion?

Casey Monahan

Why Not Listen to the Voices of Women?

Rebecca Guerrero

Why Not Put the Gun Down?

Yoni Hernandez

Why not renew?

Melissa Magee

Why Not Send Me to College?

Omar Fabian

Why Not Stop it Once and For All?

Jonathan Fry

Why Not Use Love to Heal?

Amber Zeise